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Welcome to The Retreat More than a Christian Book Store

The Retreat will be a Christian gathering spot, A Day Spa for the Soul with a bookshop, coffee & tea bar, collaboration space, prayer room, and events for adults and children.  You have an invitation to visit. We look forward to getting to know you at The Retreat!

The Retreat Experience


We will have a thoughtful curated selection of Bibles, Christian books, resources, Bible study material, gifts and church supplies for your convenience. We know the importance of being able to touch and see before you purchase and it will be our pleasure to offer this benefit to all our guest.


A supportive, Christian environment is needed to heal, grow, and transform into all God as created each one of us to be.  The Retreat will be an inviting gathering spot that encourages connection and host events that allows community growth.


We are excited to provide a space that encourages Christians to work together in unity with the common purpose to advance the Kingdom of God. Our meeting space and conference room will be ideal for working together in order to make a greater impact in our local community.

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